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We know a lot about the ukulele as it is, but we have no idea about the reasons behind the popularity of it. What we can do is to make a brief analysis of its history.

As an instrument, there are several major differences between instruments from the past and ones we can imagine in the future.

In the past we had many different pieces for the instrument.

In the future, we don’t even have a standard design, since we didn’t learn our standard design from piano makers. Nowadays, we have all sorts from the past to choose from. The most popular ones today are very popular ones of the past, for sure. Of course, there are some that are less popular. But those were mostly the instruments that were made for the most popular songwriters. If you listen to what they recorded, you hear those songs more than today.

We can make a more general statement about the instrument, though, regarding its age and production. That means we can say that the ukulele is definitely not old by today’s standards.

It was invented in 1853.

It seems that it wasn’t developed much outside of Sweden. But if we are talking about the ukulele in Swedish, the earliest instrument was made in Stockholm in 1853. That’s a long time ago. That instrument was designed by Gustavus Fjöll, one of the pioneers of the ukulele. In Sweden, it is called a bådejälne. It is not a well-known ukulele. I know of only one example in which a bådejade was played. It was in Stockholm in 1969. The fact that it was played is a major part of this instrument’s history, and it will be discussed in detail later on.

The main thing is that it was played for the first time in a Swedish ukulele concert hall in 1853. The first major production of it started in 1865, and I believe that only in Sweden was it played at least for a few concerts. I have mentioned that we have no standard designs for it in the future, either. Therefore we need to make a general statement about all these instruments that are out there. They all have different designs from the ukulele. When all pieces have been tested they will look very similar.

The ukulele has been invented by the same person for different applications.

When we say

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