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Does that mean they have souls? If so, that would be the first major hint that the creatures we are meant to fear are actually not living people but monsters. It would also make it pretty clear that the monsters are not actually evil. It would also further cement the fact that these monsters are not all-knowing and can make reasonable decisions from the moment they awaken.

If the Skeletons are not actually living people, then why do the Daedric Prince’s children appear to be such terrible threats in the first place? Is the Prince concerned with their welfare because they might be bad news? These monsters do not have any kind of conscience so they would probably feel no concern whatsoever for a child. This is the only explanation that fits.

Perhaps even more significantly this could mean that the monsters are sentient, meaning they may be able to make ethical decisions as well. That is, they may recognize right and wrong and be capable of acting correctly. This has been hinted at many times but not taken much notice of. If something like this were true, its confirmation would be of gravely important import.

Even if these Skeletons are not living people, or at least are not sentient beings with a conscience, they would certainly be capable of some form of conscience. That is because their emotions and their memories are stored in their heart where a kind of ‘brain’ would actually be built. This is why the Daedra always seem so angry with the Daedra Princes: their conscience is built into their hearts.

Now, this all sounds great and very rational and scientific but it would be really easy for someone with a bias towards the ‘evil’ side of magic to have a completely erroneous interpretation. To use a term that is sometimes employed to dismiss some of the more scientific and realistic forms of magical theory, if one could imagine using a set of levers to control the heart of a rat, or using electrical currents to control an electrical engine, then they might be able to come up with an impossible explanation.

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To do so, they would have to think of what an electrical engine or nerve cell looks like, what’s in a rat’s brain, what’s in an electrical system, and what that might feel like. They would have to see them as though they were a living human being. Then, and this would be the trickiest thing, they would have to think how they might be manipulated by one of those levers. What would the rat’s heart, nerve cell, electrical system

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