Does Rex dies victorious? – Learn The Books Of The Old Testament Song

No, he’s saved the world. What makes his survival a victory for mankind? For the one of two main reasons. First, and most obviously, is that he was the key to finding this one thing: his wife. It’s a big deal. I hope I don’t have to reiterate its importance, but I will, because the point is made: this is the greatest victory the characters of all of The Walking Dead will ever have!
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Second, the thing with the woman wasn’t just for her own good. If, as the show seems to imply, she was chosen to have her child, and then the child died (or was killed) before he was born, then by definition the woman had to die. The woman wasn’t killed to protect the child, but because they would never have an actual relationship after he was born. And if she had died and her child was not born into a relationship, then the child would not have been born at all. She and her child would not have met. No birth would have happened. This is what it means for this to be the greatest victory the characters of all of The Walking Dead have ever had.

This moment is also important in another way. It’s important because it ties into another fundamental aspect of Rick’s character. Rick isn’t one of those heroes who is just doing his job because he has to. He doesn’t have a “higher calling”. He just does it because he genuinely wants to do a good thing. He’s like the guy you’d see on TV, not someone whose “duty” is to be the hero of his own life and not to serve as a vessel to provide materialistic entertainment. Rick is a man who doesn’t see his job as being about making his character the hero of a story. He doesn’t see his job as making himself the hero and thus be an example. In short, he isn’t the hero to his narrative, and the best way to describe him is in terms of “badass who just happens to have a heart”.

The most interesting moment in Episode 4 is the return to Alexandria of Glenn Rhee’s deceased girlfriend. It’s a moment that makes the fact that Rick is out of the picture for most of the story absolutely clear. The fact that Glenn was a guy whose wife died and that his girlfriend’s death was the result of her dying of a broken heart is a huge piece of the puzzle. In fact, it’s a critical piece. This was what got the story moving towards

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