How can I throw more accurately? – Axtell People Puppets

I was surprised that I was throwing more accurately on the first pass than on the fourth. It makes me wonder how much of this is simply the result of my having more time to throw and less time in the pocket. I have to keep my head down and focus on this because if I want to throw accurately then that means I have to throw with a consistent angle and trajectory.

What’s my biggest concern about throwing a football?

As you start getting comfortable running more and seeing the field better it can start to get overwhelming. You start getting worried, you start thinking about your routes, what your teammates are seeing, and you start trying to get it right. You get this kind of mental fatigue because it’s becoming a job and you are constantly competing for attention. I’ve also learned that when you take on the mental aspect of football you find more joy and you enjoy the process more. Once you get used to it you find that the mental aspect of this is not as big of an issue. I still enjoy coming back from long road trips because I can focus on the journey and not all this nonsense outside of the game.

So if I’m having fun but doing the work, how do I keep taking it seriously?

I think the thing that comes to me most is “How much more can I do?” I know I’m young and so it’s very tempting to get too high or too low when it comes to anything that involves football. The last five years, if I’d only done it my whole life, I’d be in the NFL. You can’t get to that point where you don’t want to do it anymore but I know that I’m not there yet. When it comes to football that is not my strong suit. So from that standpoint I get myself a baseball bat and start taking swings at a football field.

Have you worked on your off field personality?

We have no clue what that is. A lot of our players are just as competitive and as eager to win as the rest, but I don’t think they are as comfortable around us. You see guys start the year working out and then leave the camp and go for a walk. When they get home, sometimes they don’t feel comfortable about being around other guys for too long. This season, I’ve noticed that a lot of guys are coming home and feeling a little awkward around their family. So I think there is this idea of being a man when you come back and just accept who you

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