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The Vial

The main way to prepare a drink at a Ventriloquist is to dissolve and fill a glass with water and have someone mix it with a straw or plastic cup. The other drink is normally the “Virtuous Drinker”, that means they don’t drink any water. You can see the Vial in the picture below. It is an empty glass with a straw in the top.

If you like to drink a Vial you have to mix it first with a small amount of alcohol, like 1/4 ounce.

The easiest way to get the mixture on the straws is to shake them vigorously with a spoon. If you don’t have a stirring spoon you use your hand and make sure they are all covered with the alcohol at first.

The Vial can be mixed into any alcohol and is very handy for mixing drinks at home. Since the straws are empty the Vial is easily emptied by a guest when you leave a party for another drink with them, or it can be used as a disposable item.

The Vial can be a bit difficult to make at first, but once you get the hang of it you can get great results. The liquid takes three hours to evaporate and once they are in the glass they need to be stirred frequently. Once it boils they need to be stirred, but if they don’t keep stirring the glass will become foamy.

Tips: Fill the Vial about half way up the straw, but leave a small room between the bottom of the Vial and the top.

You can add alcohol to a Vial as needed to balance the mixture in the straw.

You can shake the hollow Vial from one end to the other, but be careful about leaving a thin edge that can get stuck in something and not dissolve well.

You can use a “faucet” (sometimes called a “bar”) to fill the Vial. Keep a glass in front of you close to the machine. It allows for the glass to get very hot. When your Vial is hot enough and you just push the liquid up the straw it will be able to evaporate. After that you just push it under the stream of air flowing down the straw.

You can use the Vial as a drinking pitcher, by pouring it over the top of a glass. It allows more space and for someone to drink from it instead of having to take it off.

A Vial

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