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In the UK, the ventriloquists usually use a low, hollow tone, about as low a pitch as one can achieve. Often it sounds much like the low part of the ‘a’ in ‘alibi’, or ‘all to ourselves’. A low low tone is one of the easiest tones to perform, once you master the technique.

Here is the first ventriloquist’s technique for blowing voice. Just like a ventriloquist dummy, take the low and hollow tone for example, and blow for one or two breaths. This will make a loud, high-pitched squeal. But with different pitches, such as a higher pitch for talking, it will sound even louder, and it’s not something you’ll use too often.

Here’s the ‘a’ ventriloquist’s technique for blowing voice. Blow a little, but not too much – a little for one or two breaths, not very much, like when your friend asks you about the weather. Breathing will make the pitch more important, so make sure you’re getting it right.

Here’s how to make a ventriloquist’s voice sound loud. Just keep blowing for a few breaths until you’ve got enough air moving in your throat to produce a loud sound. It will sound rather similar to a ventriloquist’s voice from a human’s throat. It will also sound a lot louder – you’ll have to make the sound louder to make sure people realise it’s there.

Here’s other examples of vocal exercises. Make sure to also practice in the other positions too – for example in front of the ventriloquist’s dummy. You could do the same for the other positions using simple techniques like blowing with the nose slightly open or closing your mouth slightly.

There’s still lots of other ways to improve your voice…

Here’s a list of many techniques for improving your voice so you can make it sound better.

Vocal Training Exercises
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A lot of ventriloquists train during rehearsals in order to improve the quality of their voice. Here are some of the other exercises some people perform to keep their voice in shape.

Spins – this sounds like something out of a children’s rhymebook, but it’s really the way to go. Try to pull a hard line and twist it in a certain manner so that it sounds ‘crunchy’.

Crack-snoring – try

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