How do you make a dummy? – Song To Learn The Old Testament Books Of The Bible

You can’t. But when I did a lot of these demos and started writing the music, I’d make a dummy, which would act as a sort of a puppet, so I could walk on it. And then the music would start to come. And of course I could go into the studio and listen to it and I could be like, ‘Oh! That’s fucking good.’ That’s why it’s got to sound good right off the bat.

That is to say, you have to be in the right place at the right time?

I’ll go to the studios and the only thing you have to do is get yourself to the right place. A lot of times they let me walk up to the studio, but I do have to be to have the chance to put the music into the mix and get out of there. The last thing I do is go home and start writing the music.

With the album’s release, have you experienced a sense of vindication that you’ve been able to bring out all you wanted in this very short period of time?

Well, I guess it’s not like the feeling I had when I was first doing it, where all the music felt right, every time. It’s a very good feeling to go out there and do it. I feel like I’ve done better than I thought I would.

The record is different to the earlier recordings that you made, but you’ve always tried to do new things. Where do you see this album leading you?
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I think, for a lot of bands, the most rewarding time is when you go out and make something that you’ve never done before. You realise it’s a huge project. I don’t know where the album is going to go, but it’s a good process.

You said you wanted to make “a huge project”, to which I suppose is a double entendre?

Well, it’s just a project! And it may be that if there’s any more money coming in, I want to try to make the record at the same time.

In my experience you have to be committed for a long time to find out what you’re truly passionate about. Do you have a favourite record to work on these days?

Definitely. I love going and just doing things to make the music more interesting, so I’ve played with some of the tracks that I’ve been working on on my own, because I’ve been putting them together,

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