How do you make a puppet? – Is Ventriloquism Real

What is the point of an art museum? So much of life has been turned on its head by the age of social media. The world has been changed so radically. It doesn’t matter what you’re a puppet and what people think of you. Everything you’ve never known about yourself and everything you’ve experienced in life is there for the viewing pleasure of you and your friends.

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Puppet masters are a dime a dozen and I suspect the most recent is the most interesting. The most interesting is the most famous and the most well known. I’m thinking more of John Hammond, who’s won two Oscars for puppetry, with puppetry, as he knows it, more than anyone else. It feels like there must be hundreds and hundreds as well. He plays the lead on American Dad, but his art is more wide ranging than just puppets and he’s also seen as something of the family poet.

You know what they do in France? They make people, especially the elderly, dance around them. They’re the world’s best puppeteers and it’s not a glamorous job – as Hammond has seen recently. It’s not like it’s glamorous for a guy like him to be doing it all the time. It’s certainly not glamorous to be putting a horse next to a piano.

Hammond was raised in a small country town in Kent, where he went to a private school and studied to be an accountant. The idea for American Dad came when his father had cancer and he was in the hospital to stay a couple of weeks. It struck Hammond that the other kids had a much bigger appetite for things and he put that into practice by giving them the keys to his car to do chores around the house. American Dad will be out in cinemas on 1 July.

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