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Or an old man sing? How do you make a horse run after you?”

The crowd booed at her and many even joined in.

“I do not have the skills or the voice,” she told them. “My eyesight is bad and I do not speak or sing.”
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That made her seem even more out of place in the middle of a festival. But she persisted, and managed to get a microphone out to speak. Her voice — a mix of classical music and a modern rock song that she performed in front of them — was the only thing of value left in the place that she had come to sing and dance with the children.

The crowd, made up mostly of young people, didn’t like it and cheered loudly when she finished her speech.

For the next hour, she continued to speak from the stage, even as the children continued to laugh at her. Some in the audience even tried to grab her by the front of her t-shirt and drag her offstage.

The singer, however, was determined to go on, but she was ultimately unable to make it to the next stage of the concert for some reason — probably because she had been too drunk to have the presence of mind to set up her microphone properly. She was escorted off stage in tears, to the applause of the children.

As the crowd applauded in disgust, she began crying a bit more and began talking about her inability to perform. That led to a group chant for the woman on stage, “She can be more awesome than all of us” — something that was clearly directed at Ms. Paltrovar, who has become a well-known figure in both the music and film community, including the musical “Kinky Boots.”

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