How do you make a puppet voice? – Why Do Girls Learn Faster Than Boys

We’re going to answer that question one step at a time.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a voice.
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Here are four ways to make a puppet voice that sounds natural, but also works great for you:

Method 1:

Take the standard “puppet” tone and accentuate it a little bit with vocal inflection or intonation.

Here I’m using a more standard tone to accent the sound of the sound of the word, in this case “clumsy-o.” I’d accent my tongue to slightly out on it, with the back of my tongue resting on my teeth, to make the sound.

So now I’m in a comfortable position to give a puppet voice to the words, and I’ll let all of the other vocal inflection I’m going to try to accent to play.

Method 2:

The next most basic way of making voice puppets is to simply use the same tone as above, but in your mouth, and let it hang out. If I did it right, it would still make an “o” sound in my mouth, but it should not be as hard to make.

If you do the last technique and then your mouth just hangs out there to the side with a slight pause, your “o” would sound like this.

Method 3:

Now with 3 things to remember.

You’re talking in an exaggerated voice by saying words.

You are a very “stoic” performer.

You should be able to do all of these things at once by practicing the same tone a few times.

You’re going to try these things, and try them all.

First, I need you to open up your mouth like a normal human being would, so that you can go into your natural voice, your default way of talking. Now, I’m going to give it something that sounds a little softer like a “h” sound rather than a “q” sound, to get you started.

Then I’m going to open up my mouth a bit and let my tongue hang out a little. Then I’m going to take my tongue back down and slowly close it, until my mouth can fit another word in there like I said earlier.

That’s all folks.

Now, I don’t have the time to show you how to achieve this voice, because my head is full of all these different experiments. I

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