How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Kids App

This is another question that can be answered by the internet and I’m sure anyone with a head can tell you the answer.

For our purposes we will use a simple technique called a “harp” (the head) or a “mouth” (which we often will refer to as a “sock”).

First we need to select a fabric. I like to work with a lighter weight, but no fabric will do here, we will need a heavier weight. The way we will find out if a fabric will work is to try it on and see if it has no bite. After each try we will cut the fabric out of the package, but first we want to sew it closed. When you sew your mouth open we want to leave a seam open to allow the fabric inside to press. You should get a few little holes after a few stitches. Now we will take your mouth and start with a circle for our head and then cut some yarn into the circle. Using the “harp” technique (using only the “sock” technique), we will make a loop from your circle and then wrap and whip, the loop you make will be the “mouth hole” and the yarn you use will be our mouth so our mouth moves in and out. To use the mouth you wrap the loop around some strands of yarn in your “mouth hole” and make a few tiny “mouth holes” around the loop. When you are going to pull off the yarn that is keeping it in place make a few stitches around it and pull. This is where the problem lies! We didn’t “pull” the yarn down past our loop, instead we just “pulled” up! After the pull it is not a good idea to pull it as this will keep the mouth closed. Instead we would like to make a long little knot in the loop and then pull, this is how you will end up with the “snug” type of mouth. Now we can put this together with the “sock mouth” and it’s nice and made!

I hope you liked this project and have some fun making one. We’ve included the links to see where to find a pattern.

The following is a transcript of my appearance on the Alex Jones Show, “America’s Only Conservative Radio Show.”

The following is a transcript of my appearance on the Alex Jones Show, “America’s Only Conservative Radio Show.”

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