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It is pretty simple.”

“I’m not going to lie,” he says when it is mentioned, but he seems to understand that he will be remembered for what he did.

“What is it?”

“I’m not really sure,” he says, and he knows it will be hard to convince him otherwise.

“But you need to make something and you want to be the one who makes it.”

“I want to put myself out there and be able to work. I want it. It’s all about my work.”

He smiles and nods.
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“This is an opportunity you will never regret.”

• • •

Tobias begins, in a soft voice, to talk about work.

What he really wanted was for the school to have a teaching career. He was good enough to be in the English class, and he had worked up the courage to ask the professors that were going to teach his class if he had a chance to interview to be a lecturer. No, they didn’t think it a very good idea to be a teacher, that the work you were doing would get in the way of your students’ lives. They looked at him as if he were some kind of moron.

“I’m so tired of this being the job where someone else does all the work and not me,” he says. “And I wanted to be a teacher.”

“You wanted to be a teacher?” someone asks.

“Yes,” he says. “Why else are you here when it’s so hard? Why would you do it if you didn’t want to?”

“But why?” they say.

“Well, of course not,” says Tobias. If he had that much passion and energy, he would have been doing the jobs he loves.

As he speaks, his phone rings.

It’s Mark. He can’t let him down, can never let him down.


He calls Tobias immediately afterwards.

And, if he had been at home, no one would ever know that he had contacted the Professor.

He is, actually, on this last part he had not planned. He had expected, at the very least, what happened next, but with a man such as Tobias, even that kind of plan didn’t even begin to make sense.

“Mark,” he says, smiling in the way he used sometimes to smile after he

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