How do you say P in ventriloquism? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Fast And Furious 9 Release

I use a little English, of course. I say “Pee,” as in “pee-pee.”

Does any person know how he writes with an umbrella in front?

The English alphabet doesn’t have an “A” in front of it (I think that’s a mistake that comes from using that alphabet for other alphabetical symbols).

One time I was in a movie theater with a guy who was doing a play. I told him I just couldn’t sit next to him with an umbrella. And he said, “I know you can’t sit next to me, but I’m in the middle of a play…”

So how do you say “Pee” in Portuguese?

I say “Pee,” in a very loud voice, as in the English language, as in “pee-pee.”

How do you say “pepe” in Portuguese?

“Pepe,” in the English language, is a really difficult to spell word that also makes the wrong pronunciation. My dad is a doctor and taught me how to use the English language. So I said, “Pepe in English.”

What’s different in the use of the English language from how it is used here?

When we were in school, we thought the English language was a very important thing.
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And for us it isn’t. Because our parents said it was a great language.

So the way I would say the English words, as in “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” “Pepe,” “Pee,” etc. — but don’t say them too much — is, “Sí, pepe.”

And if I have to repeat it, I don’t say the word “Good,” because I already said “Pepe,” right? So I say, “sí pepe.”

There are two words in the English language that I don’t know how to spell, “Pee” and “Pepe,” so to me it is a great language, but to other people, it is not.

For example, one time I said, “Pooing,” and a man behind me looked at me and said, “Why, you did not just pee, but poo-pee.”

So that was “pig pee.”

Another time I said “Pee,” and a woman behind me looked at me and said, “Why, you did not just poo —

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