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There are two pronunciations of the term which differ radically in meaning.

The standard, and more traditional, way of pronouncing it is: “Pee wee,” or sometimes, “Pet-a-tee-hoo” or “Pee wee-tee-a-hoo.” It is the same as “Pee Wee Herman,” and is the name of a short story by Mark Twain, who lived from 1835 to 1897.

The more popular one is: “Pee wee,” or sometimes, “Pet-a-tee,” or “Pee wee-tee-a-hoo.”

Did you know?

The spelling change of the word “peta,” which is the English term for a person, has affected an even larger number of dialects throughout the world.

So, what does the word “peta” mean when combined with “pee” in the same sentence?

In the following example from the US, “Peta” means a person, and it translates as “pet,” “petose,” or “pet-awah.” “Pee” is the noun form of “pee,” and it means a person.

“Pee wee,” a dialect variation that is common in the UK, is the correct plural form of “pee wee.”

“Pee wee Herman,” a term first coined by Mark Twain in 1835 was the basis of the following example:
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“Pee wee Herman.”

(The original pronunciation of the word “peta” is “pee wee.”

This is the correct use for the word, “peter,” which is a person.)

What about the other pronunciations of the word “pee?” (Which is the most common in British English?)

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