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Let’s say we are a teacher with a student of a foreign language, and we are just starting to teach the student the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of our language of choice. The vocabulary, at the very least, should help prepare each student for any task that will be encountered as they learn the language. You can also have student memorize the words from that vocabulary, because you want them to be able to identify those words and remember them on a particular day. This is called a “bilingual” approach. A student may learn to speak one language, and then, for example, that student may eventually learn to speak the other language.

The goal of the bilingual course is to have the student’s first language be the primary language.

How do you say the words “lucifer” in German?

German and English are both written with a capital letter. Therefore, the answer is “du.” German “dünder” can also be said “Dünderlich” but there is a slight difference in a few things:

“Du” does not have to be umlauted, as in “dünder”

I like my dünder so much I changed it to be umlauted (or I just put two d’s after words with an umlaut to make it sound as if it was written by an autocorrecting system).

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In German, the “dünder” in dünderlich is usually written with an umlaut in a way that is similar to the umlaut in my example.

Now, in English, “du” must be umlauted, and if I want to make it easier, I put this umlute into the words I am teaching. This is a typical answer from the German language teachers in English classes…

Do you know what I like to do in my classes?

I teach a couple German terms. “Vor” means “to be,” “Vorbild” means “to have,” and “Zwischen” is a noun, which means to be. I usually teach “vorbild,” meaning “to be,” while I teach “Vorabild” or “to have” and I sometimes have students read the German word-for-word.

There is another way by which learners can learn German: when they learn a certain word, they can just imagine it, for example. ”

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