How do you say p without moving your lips? – Learn Books Of The Bible Song

(shaking hand with another person) “Hi.”

“I-i’ll tell you something if that p-pleases,” says the guy, “but I have the same p-pleasure as you…”

“Oh, OK, I understand,” says the guy with a wink. A few seconds later…

“But this p-pleasure is different, so I’m gonna say-”

As he’s saying this, several things happen. He realizes that the girl is interested, and with a small, almost happy, smirk, nods his head. All the while, she looks in front of her like she’s about to say something other than “Hi.”

“Oh, ok…” says the guy, “Pleasure me.” But, rather than saying “Hi,” he says something similar to, “Oh, my p-pleasure.”

“Pleasure?” she inquires nervously, then blushes a bit.

With a smile on his face, he continues. “I-it’s like-like-you and I do it everyday. For a week or two at a time. We always…I don’t know…go-with different words.”

The next thing he does is give her an example. There’s the guy who’s been “giving” in a certain sense for weeks, and now, she’s asking questions. “Do you…like that?” she says. “I mean, you-have been giving like…a lot of time to me,” he says. “I mean, I, I just…” Then, he tries again. “You’ve, I’ve never had anyone give more, or give more often, like that.”

Suddenly, she thinks, “Wait, what?”

“My, you can tell, because your face has become, you know…hushed up…like a husk…like she’s trying to hide,” he continues, “so I’ll just try saying these things back at ya. In a way, it reminds me of you. Like, like you go-give a lot to me, and when we do that, I just want to give that back. Like this.” He smiles, as if he’s offering her a massage. “When we, do that, you feel like I’m giving back my…pleasure to you, and that makes me feel good.”

The girl stares, dumbfounded. The whole time, she’s been

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