How do you say the letter B in ventriloquism? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Fast

It’s pronounced the same way in all of England. In Australia, the letter is pronounced differently, but the pronunciation of B differs somewhat in South America, and I’ve got it in all three of these.

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Well, we did have an Australian B.

Yes! And I’ve tried to write and read it and I can’t do it. It’s not a matter of my doing it; it’s more a matter of my not having it in order. So, I mean, I just have to have it in order.

You can take your own advice, too. You can take your own—I don’t think it’s a bad thing. You can think it’s wrong, but it’s not an offense. You can think it’s stupid, but you can’t be too smart, you can’t be a dumb person. You can’t try to outshine the other person or anything like that. You can’t be too smart to get the audience to care; they will care if you’re not smart. But, to come here, to say, “The Australian B is pronounced differently.”

Why so different? [Applause] Why so much difference? Is it just a matter of getting a new pronunciation here? I mean, people know it’s a different word than when you first heard it.

Absolutely, and that’s because of the English pronunciation, and not necessarily because we have invented it. It’s possible to sound the same when you say the words wrong. People will have a natural inclination to think English people are crazy and are never going to change. But, we, in New York in particular, in terms of our pronunciation, we don’t have to change any damn thing. [Laughter]

You should change your voice when you want to sound American. Because, even in the States, if you’re very careful it just sounds out of place. It feels like it gets swallowed back in. But, when the audience sees you as an American, the audience’s not going to hear what’s missing, and when they hear the voice, they’re not going to hear what is missing. So, there must be a reason why they don’t hear it when you speak as an American but hear it when they hear it as an Australian.

Well, there is. People who are not native Australians or Australians are going to be surprised when they hear the accent on film, or TV. And they will have to adjust or change. That’s a

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