How do you talk without moving your lips? – How To Speak Without Opening Your Mouth

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“There’s something I’d like to say to you,” I start, taking a step back. A small part of me wants to keep the conversation going, to get him to admit to my guilt before I can, but I know it’s futile. It’s better for him to let the truth come out than it is for me to have to go through the humiliation of trying to win over a guy who’s lying. I pull myself back, and when I do, my face is blank and my eyes are wide. I do my best to smile, though in some ways it may as well be a smirk.

“Hi, Dave,” I ask him. It’s not as if my voice is anything special; I’m just trying to be polite. “How are you?”

He’s not answering. “I know, I’m very good, and I’m not going to be able to make you.” His eyes are serious, like he’s studying me, but they’re not wide, and I can’t see anything. “I think I should go to bed, but it seems the truth hasn’t changed.”

For the next moment, I swear I close my eyes and try to pretend I am a ghost moving about. Then I open them. “Oh well, I guess I’ll be on my way,” I say to the man. “Can I come over next time?”

He looks at me a little uncertainly, and then nods his head as if he’s deciding. When he’s out of my mind I don’t try to force him to continue the conversation, because if he tries anything, I will destroy him. So I give him a vague smile, and he slowly reaches into his jeans pocket, pulls out an open letter, and closes it with his thumb. “You know that letter I asked you not to show the police,” I say, putting on an even louder tone so that the letter slides out. It was so simple that he didn’t even notice. I open it up, and it’s a short letter that says in very small and delicate letters:

I thought it’d never happen. But it did. They don’t know about you, about my secret existence. If they did, they wouldn’t have even bothered. They’ve probably never written to me before. There was a little letter sent from a small mailbox in my backyard when I was growing up, from a guy named Dave. He was a really cool guy. Anyway, this letter

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