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I do this by bending my head forward in an exaggerated V shape (it’s a head position that feels more like you’re blowing an ear off a pillow than being actively speaking). You might feel a difference after just one or two weeks of practicing, especially if you’re trying to improve your accent, but it will increase naturally over time.

A variation of the “lick me” motion is the “lick me, lick me” motion — which is also a head position that feels more like you’re blowing your ear off a pillow than actually speaking. You don’t have to change the words in the phrase “lick me” to make this motion less awkward. Just do the same thing: bend your head forward.

How did you get into this “lick me, lick me” head position?

Your tongue has an inborn tendency to “lick” from the sides to provide a sort of “sensory” element to speech. When you do this in speech, you should feel the tongue working from front to back. You should feel that your tongue has worked to create contact with a tissue on your tongue instead of your mouth, where it normally works.

What’s a good way to get the tongue to work in a more traditional head position?

You can hold an object in your hand and use your thumb to keep the object in your mouth. As you do this, you should feel that the object is vibrating the inside of your lips. Your tongue should feel similar to the object vibrating the side of your tongue which vibrates the side of your mouth which vibrates the inside of your lips.

How did you pick up the “lick me, lick me” head position?

You don’t have to change anything in your daily life, just use the same motion to practice every day, including when you’re alone. The key is having a specific set of techniques that allow you to develop the same head position. This way, everyone will eventually be able to use it, no matter what language they speak.

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