How do you talk without moving your mouth? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Jeff Dunham Part 8

Are you going to just keep telling the same story? No! It’s not that that’s not possible to talk with your mouth closed if you really wanted to, but your mouth needs at least 10 seconds to open.

The trick to talking for 10 seconds is doing three things:

• Tell yourself you’re going to talk for 10 seconds

• Get your brain working

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• Do it!

The best way to do this is to use a quiet sound that you can control during 10 seconds. I always start conversations with me turning off my phone to start and I keep my voice low throughout. This helps me focus on my words. You can also use sound waves to quiet your voice. One great trick is the use of earbuds that vibrate to put a specific rhythm to your voice, something similar to the vibrating doorbell I put down every morning. I would use earbuds for this while listening to my favorite music so it had the same effect the next day:

• “This is a good morning!”

• “Hey honey, I was just making fun of you for not having breakfast already. Is that okay?”

• “I’m feeling a little hungry so I can definitely eat something.”

• “I was just talking to you. Can you repeat that question?”

• “I know you’re in for something.”

This trick helps the brain focus and relax and it also helps quiet your mind. You don’t have to talk for 10 seconds. For instance, you can just talk like you’re talking to someone with normal voice for 10 or 20 seconds. Whatever works for you.

One other trick for quieting your mind is to turn off the sound effects for your phones to make it sound more silent. I’ve included a couple of SoundCloud tracks below that do this. I personally like playing games on my SoundCloud that don’t use sound effects to distract you from your ideas. Just try to ignore all the annoying commercials/ads on your soundcloud.

Here are few more SoundCloud tunes I’ve recommended to help you take control of the conversation. Again, I’m not going to tell you to make a whole new SoundCloud account just for taking control of the conversation:

• “How’s your morning going?”

• “How did you sleep?”

• “We’ll get to your daily activity tomorrow. How is your day going today?”

• “Did you make it out

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