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How do you make yourself a champion? How do you be a champion? How do you win a league? All of that was the way that I was born as well. There is nothing wrong in this. It is very natural, but you just have to keep doing it.

The main thing for me was to play basketball. The way I did it was the same way I would describe it, and the other way was to become a professional football player and just have fun. That was the only thing that could have helped me in my career, in my life. That’s the only thing that could have helped me.”
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A year ago, after leaving the Knicks, Williams was not even sure what he wanted to do after the NBA. Now he has a full-season contract and is about to be eligible to test his talent as a professional star.

Williams would like to stay in the NBA, but he wouldn’t mind signing a new deal somewhere else.

And the rest of the Knicks? The team that had given him so much?

“The way I look at it is that Knicks. That is it. I could never do any more for the Knicks. That was the last thing I wanted to do for the Knicks,” says Williams. “[The Knicks] know I gave this town a lot of excitement. I gave a lot to New York. So that’s exactly what I want to keep going for; to give the city a lot more excitement than I ever gave anywhere in the NBA. That’s the only thing I want to keep going for.”

(CNN) After a year of intense debate over how the United States should respond to Russian action against Syrian government forces, President Donald Trump’s administration announced Thursday that it plans to strike Syria without seeking congressional approval for the action

“Our goal here is clear — destroy ISIS in Syria and protect innocent lives,” said Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the newly minted national security adviser who, along with top Trump adviser Steve Bannon, will be headed the new policy. “This strike will not take place without the requisite congressional authorization to conduct airstrikes.

“The United States is not on a quest to topple the Syrian regime or overthrow the Syrian government. Our intention here is to destroy ISIS. There are a number and variety of targets here including the leadership of ISIS — their command and control and their finance. But there are also a large number of civilian sites, and this will also take out some of the training camps,

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