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Well, it works a bit like this for the human beings who are going to use it: if you put the dummy in a special seat that fits the size of your dummy, there’s a slot inside the seat in the dummy’s head—which is why your head looks so big if you put a dummy inside a normal seat. You can even put the dummy inside a car seat—it will stay inside the car if it’s in the way while being carried inside. All you need for this is a dummy head to place inside. The other part of the process is for a special machine, which in this case is a device called a “ventriloquist,” to cut the dummy head into pieces and place them inside the dummy. The parts are made of plastic and are very easy to cut.

So how do you learn how to operate this type of device, which is about the size, weight & shape of a small mouse? Well, the way you do it depends on what dummy you buy. A basic dummy head is about 8-10 inches long. If you buy a head that is just a little bit bigger, it will probably be about 18-20 inches long; if you buy an 18-20 inch head, we’ll call it a “miniature” dummy. So it’s a matter of buying a head. Next, you need some wires, like a vacuum pump, a magnet and a wire to run the vacuum (it makes a vacuum in the dummy’s head). Finally, you need an electrical connection, either a voltage cord or some kind of signal from the vacuum pump. The wiring should come already pre-staked. Then it has to be soldered (the vacuum pump should be soldered; if you don’t know how to solder it, then ask a dummy). After that, you solder the electrical connection, so if the connection is a voltage cord, and you want to change it to a signal. It’s basically the same way you put a connection on a regular vacuum pump—so if you’re used to using a vacuum pump and some kind of plug and wire, this is not going to take that long. The main thing is that you have a wire in the right place.
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So you’re set! Now you know how to operate the dummy and now you have a working device that you can use to put a person or a vehicle in place when asked. Once the dummy is in place, it should still be perfectly still, but you don’t need to keep it

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