How does a ventriloquist sing? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdfab Download Key

Do you sing the same thing all the time and what is it you sing and what do people think it is that you sing?

I just do my own thing; I don’t do others if you don’t want to hear some other voices. If you can only hear the person who sang, you can make the connection; then you can do what they are doing and think it’s your own. When I sing it’s me. My voice is me. It’s not a singer or anything like that; it’s me. If I sing for other people it’s them and them doing me, that’s it.

So why does it take so long?

It’s because I have to do a lot of practice. In the beginning it takes a long time for me to learn to sing it, to sing the lines. I can sing lines in a very short time. I don’t have a lot of time to do that, then when I have time to practice I’m doing more. You want a good singer and then you have to wait a little while to get him or her and that can take the same amount of time, so you can’t just pick anybody and say, ‘Here, I’ll sing it for you.’

How do you get the idea in your head where the voice should go?

You sing. Then the people look at you and you can tell when you want to sing, and you can tell when you want to sing something else, and you can say it like it should be done. For some people I sing with what they say on a record, it’s pretty good, but to for someone who would want to sing it alone you have nothing to work with. For me I would just sing it and think it would be more convincing. I wouldn’t get so excited. Maybe just be a couple of notes and then just sing along, because the last one’s usually good. It can go pretty quick when it’s done once.

So you put your songs in a CD?

Yeah. We’re working on one.

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Do you have a record deal?

I got an album deal and one is on the way. I made a record last time but I think I’ll wait until it gets some exposure, whether it’s a record deal or on the radio. If I’m not doing it it’s on the radio, which doesn’t happen too often. When you get a record deal you can’t make any more, right?

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