How much does a ventriloquist dummy cost? – Axtell Puppets Animals

A ventriloquist dummy usually costs about $300-$500, depending and the brand of the dummy.

What are some of the main factors that must be taken into consideration in purchasing a ventriloquist dummy?

It must be able to perform.

If a dummy will perform well for one person, that is not a necessary factor.

A large number cannot be too large.

A dummy must be portable.

A dummy must be good enough that it can be worn for an hour at a time.

Where can I learn more about how a ventriloquist is created?

I have done the research and have read many of the articles. I can tell you from experience that a ventriloquist cannot be created by a mechanical or electronics engineer. It is a skill that can be developed by a trained ventriloquist professional. It will take many years, but I hope you will be able to find some information or see a ventriloquist for sale.

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