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The ventriloquist dummy, also dubbed the “dummy,” is a “small-scale prototype product” made by Taser International in an office on an office block in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The company’s web site lists prices that range from approximately $6,000 to $50,000. According to the manufacturer, this cost excludes the cost of the ventriloquism system, which Taser quotes at approximately between $9,000 and $25,000.

What types of ventriloquists use the ventriloquist dummy?

Taser’s web site specifies that “most standard ventriloquist dummy users…use one of these” ( The page describes a “standard set of dummy components, which include:

A small, high power motor, powered by an electrical motor.”

Ventral motion system to move the body “out of sight.” A “reactor” with a heating element and “totally inert body” that is connected to the heating element and “seats about 30 lbs. (12 kg) of body weight.” This gives about a 75% reduction in ventriloquism performance.

The “Dump-Dumper.” This component has a handle and a plunger that holds the body, and it “moves back and forth” in a way that makes it easier to find what’s going in a ventilator ventilator that has the same vent.

The “Shaft Operator.” This is “a specially designed machine that allows ventriloquists to do some of the movement work on a dummy.”

What are the types of ventriloquists using the ventriloquist dummy?

In fact, the manufacturer says that the “standard system for ventriloquists” does not require special hardware to operate. Rather, the dummy relies on software and an actuator that can make “a small electrical force pulse with a frequency that is determined by the ventriloquist,” as opposed to the “standard system, which uses a servo drive motor to create this action.” Taser has even developed an app for a dummy that works to get the action going: (

And yet, some experts question whether the ventriloquist movement is reliable. For example,

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