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How does one start preparing for the “dummy tour”? Where can you find one online? What are the pros and cons to buying one and what do the pros tell us about it? We’ll answer all these questions, including buying a ventriloquist?s dummy. Also, I’ll ask what are some of the advantages a dummy does over a live human.

1) Who is a dummy good for? A dummy is useful for creating your own sound, providing an interactive atmosphere, and providing the sensation of being a character, in a movie or cartoon.

2) Who is best when you need to do voiceover work? People who are familiar with their own natural voice. People who are more familiar with a particular character.

3) How do you prepare for the “dummy tour”? How much time do you really need?

4) Do you need a dummy? What is the cost?

5) What are the advantages of buying a dummy?

We will explore these and more questions.

By Dr. Mercola

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