Is Rex from Victorious real? – Do Girls Learn Faster Than Boys

He has been a popular mascot on the Disney animated film franchise Victorious, but the real Rex was actually introduced in the original series.

The character – which originally debuted in the animated series The Land Before Time – features a red bow tie and green sash with a red bow tie, and, despite being created to act as the voice of his mentor in the series, Rex has been voiced by the original producer of the show, John de Lancie.

His first ever animated series debuted in 1966 and starred a cast of many characters from the Land Before Time series, including the main characters Elmyra, Rex, Nia Longstaff and Scrooges, as well as many other supporting characters. It received good critical and commercial ratings.

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Rex is now set to reprise his role in the television series, which is set to premiere in June 2012.

In the films, Rex will be voiced by actor Anthony Daniels, son of actor Michael Ian Daniels, who played the titular character in Victorious in 1966.

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