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I thought his line was that he was a ‘cripple’ or some sic]

I don’t mind venturing off topic, but I just realized that the only time that any of these people have said that they “think” that Ventriloquist’s were a race of people, was when they said it in their book, that the Ventriloquist was half Indian and half Dutch so he couldn’t have come from North America. (It’s not really clear how they arrived there but their description of the “Indian” being half an inbred monkey or half a donkey is completely believable. They could have been describing monkeys who had become domesticated humans.)

As I pointed out in a previous question thread, the whole Ventriloquist theory is based on the belief that half white people are actually white people.

So, how come we only see “half-Chinese” white people?

This is probably the main reason why we don’t see people who look like they were born in India or Brazil, or who are half Japanese, Filipino, American Indian, etc.

But why doesn’t all Ventriloquist’s have white skin, right?

Again, this is probably because these people had more European ancestry than most or all of the other ethnic groups in Europe.

I was wondering this because Ventriloquist (the white person) was a white person with African ancestry. And most Ventriloquist were either African or Latino. So why don’t most Ventriloquist have white skin? Is it because they were born of non-whites or that their father was a non-Hispanic white person like my great-grandfather?

Because African people weren’t the preferred genetic stock in North America back then.

This doesn’t really answer the question as to why not all Ventriloquist’s were white. I am assuming because the reason people think of ventriloquist’s as the only ones who don’t look like they were born in Europe is because we’ve heard so many tales about them from the older generation.

I have two other similar questions:

1) Are there any Ventriloquist’s who are not Spanish.

2) Is there any person in the world without a Hispanic or Cuban ancestor?

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