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The main characters of a few shows are named:

The “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” writers:

Hannah Davis, aka “Hanna-No”, aka “Hanna”, aka “Sapphic-No”-Hannah

Alex Blumberg, aka “Blum”, aka “Blum”, aka “Blumblum”

Rachel Bloom, aka “Bloom-Chic”, aka “Bloom-Chick”, aka “BlaLomaD-Chic”

Rosa Salazar, aka “Mooch”, aka “Mooch”

Michele Zuniga, aka “Sapphic-Chic”, aka “Sapphic-Chick”, aka “Sapphic”

Jeff Dunham, aka “Chic-Chick Chicks”, aka “Chic-Chick”

Miley Cyrus, aka “Miley”

There’s no denying the sheer popularity of the WWE Network.

There are more subscribers than all the major cable networks — from Nickelodeon to Disney Channel — combined. The WWE Network has grown by over 2.5 million subscribers over the past year, while the WWE Network in 2012 was launched and it saw a spike in subscribers, gaining nearly 1 million subscribers in three months.

The WWE Network’s impressive growth has led to the launch of a new WWE Network website, WWE.com, which has more than doubled in popularity since its launch. (The site is up to 5 million subscribers, from the 4.5 million the network had at its beginning.)

However, even with all the network’s popularity, a number of questions have been hanging over the WWE and its expansion plans, which will launch today, December 14th. This will include:

Will the WWE Network ever return to its traditional cable-only channel days after launching?
Chess – Part 1 - Dehahs | Graphics by Shahed Syed

Will the WWE ever go back to its traditional WWE pay per view subscription model?

Will the WWE return to its normal streaming service, WWE Network?

Will the WWE Network ever launch in the United States?

Will the WWE ever go back to its old “pay only” pay per view package, or will they go to a pay-per-view subscription based on age?

While the WWE is the number-three-most-watched sports network in the country, one may wonder if all the network’s growth in viewership was as a result of its pay

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