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A puppet.

What are puppets made of? Are they made of wood? Metal? What is their function and origin?

Puppets are made of puppet parts made of wood, metal, wax and silicone.

Puppet parts are used in our work. They vary in size, complexity and construction.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now officially supports gender-neutral pronoun usage in its standard pediatric practice and in its policy to use it in all media, including literature and reports.

“In the past year, AAP has begun allowing students at our schools to use the pronouns they prefer,” said Dr. Peter Gray, M.D., senior vice president of pediatric surgery. “This provides children with an accessible, respectful, and consistent means of expressing who they are. As with many medical issues, medical care involves compromise, and the medical community strives to provide equitable care across those with varying gender identities.”

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The AAP’s language, approved by the organization’s executive committee, is now considered the preferred form of address for all pediatricians. The group is now encouraging pediatricians to use the pronoun “they, them, their” instead of “they/them/theirs,” which has traditionally been used by doctors to refer to patients based on genital organs or chromosomal characteristics.

AAP’s statement calls on parents and students to use the form “they/them/theirs” for all medical care. The organization urges hospitals and medical providers to accept the preferred form, particularly given changes in cultural standards and the increasing use of technology.

Children living in households where the mother is the primary caregiver should continue to be addressed as “she/her” as well as the preferred pronoun “they/them/theirs,” the statement said.

A number of medical associations have adopted the new language and made it part of a new standard called the American Pediatric Association Standard of Social and Behavioral Care. The APA also changed its policy “to permit a transgender person to present in the gender they identify with and to allow them to receive health care services consistent with their gender identity,” according to the new statement. The American College of Pediatricians, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the British Association of Pediatricians, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians have issued guidance to pediatricians on transgender health issues.

“These guidelines are a response to growing concerns among some clinicians across the country and the world

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