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The “real” puppets do not know that they are being controlled by The Programmers, and that they are being used by a “human” puppet in disguise. They also are unable to resist the abuse, humiliation, and pain that this “human” puppet inflicts on The Programmers.

“The real” puppets have no experience of mind control.

“The real” puppets realize that they are being used for the benefit of one, but not yet realize how this benefit benefits them personally, and how they may be the next victim of the Illuminati’s “program” to rule the world.

“The real” puppets have no knowledge of other “human” puppets.

“The real” puppets realize that The Programmers have not forgotten about them.

“The real” puppets are not immune to The Programmers’ mind control techniques.

“The real” puppets do not have a “need”, or an aversion, to “know” how The Programmers have “worked” with them.

“The real” puppets have no need to “keep the truth” about The Programmers hidden from themselves. They know what The Programmers do to them from their exposure to them, for their “partnership” with The Programmers is their true identity.

“The real” puppets know that there are “oppressed” (programmed) humans whom they can turn around and use for their own gains. This includes those that are “used” by The Programmers themselves and are controlled by them.

“The real” puppets are used as pawns in The Game.

“The real” puppets realize that they have been given all the freedoms that they desire, if they agree to be brainwashed to serve The Programmers’ agenda, and accept the conditions imposed to them by their “partnership” with The Programmers. The conditions will also cause them to suffer in these ways to serve The Programmers.

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“The real” puppets have no power to resist The Programmers’ brainwashing techniques.

“The real” puppets are “mind controlled” by those who are programming “real” puppets who do not have any conscious awareness of what they are being programmed-to do.

“The real” puppets realize that this system of mind control does not exist. They realize that their bodies are parts of a huge, complex system which has

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