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That was me. As a child I would hide my puppets in books and books would say stuff like ‘I’d like to go meet the lady who did that’ or ‘She’s a lady’ or ‘Her name is Mary.’ (…) If you ask me if I’m a puppeteer now I’d say ‘yes’ but back then puppets had a big effect on my life and now they don’t.”
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When the puppet shows in the house became popular, the kids made friends with some old puppets from back when they were still students at the school, with whom they would make special appearances on the school’s puppet show, and with a few puppets from their own class, but “everything was completely different back then. I don’t know if they were scared of me then but now…we are together at the moment.” As far as the puppets involved with the music project goes, there are “really old puppets and they are all beautiful, very interesting and I love them all…They are not so big but they have incredible energy when they are doing their performances.” I like that kind of approach, because it means he is happy with the results of his artistic endeavour; as long as he doesn’t “feel weird” and his audience doesn’t become uncomfortable by his show, he is happy to spend more time with them and give them more opportunities.

When we talk about the children’s performances, the idea of a kid doing his own show is not really new. A number of puppets, many created for children for performances, have been staged by puppeteers of all ages, including some from the school’s puppet show series. At the end of 2015, the school’s puppet teacher, who was formerly a puppet show teacher, had retired. In her place, a puppet show teacher was hired, but she is still taking up the role of puppet show teacher, and the new one is not too old, with about two years having elapsed since she started teaching. As a result of her efforts in promoting the performance of puppet shows, the school’s puppet show performance group will now hold weekly performances, with a special focus on puppet shows and puppet shows inspired by contemporary children’s literature, and I feel very happy for this group. They have a lot of fun with their performances; their puppets look and feel like children; the audience is often taken aback by the puppets’ appearance and expressions, but always appreciates the puppeteers’ efforts to put their lives and souls into these

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