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So, a couple months ago, I came across the term “synonym.” I found an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that had just had a piece that had “A new meaning for synonym: ‘the equivalent of a synonym to a noun.'” It’s a little more of a stretch than I’d like. Let’s say one wants to have a synonym. This is certainly what was happening with the term “noun,” but one also has to be careful about using it in a way that seems like it is just applying a synonym to a noun. It’s not; “the equivalent of a synonym to a noun” does really refer very closely to “the synonym.” And, by the way, the word “existentialism” used in this article is a real thing. I guess I should have used “existentialism,” since it’s in the dictionary, since it’s very important. But one has to know how to use “be” or “be-like” and, just as often, to use “be” as a synonym.

Marc Figueras
My point is, this particular term “synonym” has two meanings. On the one hand, it relates to nouns, but that is not what it was about. “Synonym” was used to describe something that was like. A “noun” would be used in a way that was very similar to, or was just very good-natured or cute, and that’s what the definition suggested. What made “synonym” interesting was that you would then find yourself in a situation where you find different expressions as the meaning had expanded to that of a noun. That is, there were people who found this use of synonym interesting, but also one that was much more common than one might initially give it credit for.

In other words, “be” is quite common, but the use of “be” as a synonym is not as common as it might seem if you just look at the use of the term in English.

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