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A Transviler can be best understood in the context of a Transvilator which is, in short, a person (or group of people) that understands a language and who can use it without being able to understand some of the words and grammatical structures used in that language. Since transvestites aren’t considered to be able to speak proper words, they cannot be considered to have a Transvilator. This is the case for most dialects of the English language. However, if you look at the words or grammar of the English language there are plenty of examples where an English-speaking person can speak, understand, and have some understanding of the language.


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While the term transvestite is generally used to describe one that dresses and lives in women’s clothing, there are other individuals who dress and live in men’s clothing. Some examples of these individuals include men who “walk around” in a male style to be known as a biker or drag queen. It is very common in urban and suburban areas for certain groups to use the term transvestite to refer to themselves. Transvestites generally refer not to themselves but to being trans. For example, if a transvestite dresses in a women’s clothing store and sells or dresses in suits, it can be described in a similar way.

Some men use the word transvestite to describe themselves when describing what they are wearing. There’s a good article on the “Wearing The Gay Card” blog from 2008 which describes the differences between some of the terms used with respect to the gay and trans world. For example, to describe a lesbian as being “dressed as a woman” may be perceived as being feminine in one context but “transvestite” in another which can lead to people thinking that you mean that they’ve chosen to live as women instead of living their life as male.

A word with a double meaning

There is a double meaning to the word transvestite. It has been traditionally used to mean a “transvestite.” This is not always true. In some cases transvestites are considered not to be “trans,” meaning that they are accepted in society and do not suffer stigma. However, this does not mean that they are free or recognized in society. For example, the transvestite culture of some rural areas of the East Coast, Southwestern and Northern states is not often accepted. Also, if they are not seen as “gay” they can be stereotyped

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