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The dolls that we have were originally called “Toys” because of their cartoonish appearance, but the toy industry thought this sounded too childish for a children’s product, so they changed it to “Toys” 2. Their second name has been changed to “Dolls”.

Do the toys that appear in T4 refer to the toys in Toy Story 2?

Yes, the dolls appear in the first movie.

Are there any toy toys that have the words “Happy Birthday” in their names?

No, there are no such toys in the entire film.

Which characters have to change their clothes or accessories in the movie?

As far as I’m aware none.

Where are the characters from T3, T4 and T5 from?

T3 and T4 are in Toy Story (T2 & T3 have already been made in the past), T5 is from Toy Story 2.

Why are there dolls in the background for the toys in T4 and T5 and not for the toys in T3, T2 and T1?

The toys had to be filmed in two different locations, so the production team had to rearrange their characters to fit the location. Also, the toys that had to be filmed for the last Toy Story could not fit in the scene as they were large.

What happened to the toys in the toys at the end of T4?

The toys were moved into a separate room and were then placed on a bed in their original places. The toy scenes were removed from the movie and the toys had to be filmed again.

Why can’t we see all of the toys in Toy Story 3, except for the toys that used to be “Toys” 2?

All the toys in Toy Story 3 need to go into a separate room. The Toy Story 3 toys were the special ones from the earlier movies.

Has anything changed about the Toy Story 3 movie?

The special parts from the earlier Toy Story movies can no longer be seen. The special props will never be used again. The special toys are gone.

What are the toys and dolls that are “Toys” in Toy Story 3, “Toys” in Toy Story 2 and “Toys” in Toy Story?

Toys is one of those names, but that name is only to cover up the fact that the dolls (or “Toys”) were used.

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