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I’ll tell your father. He will love you for what you are. You can’t talk like that to him. Just kiss him!”

The prince didn’t answer because he didn’t know what to say. The old woman continued a long sequence of words, some of which rang in his head. “No, no! No! No. No, no, no. No, no! Do you hear me? Please, just kiss his mouth. That is the one you will always remember. You are beautiful and charming and a good friend. A brave hero for your father. No, don’t come, there is nothing to see. I can help you. Just a moment, please; there’s something I want to tell you.”

When the prince looked up, the two women had disappeared; but the prince was still in the courtyard. A moment later the old woman came back. She spoke with a kind of softness and in a gentle voice. “The prince will never forget you,” she said. “Yes,” said the prince, “he will, at last! And he’ll find you!”

“Where are you going?” cried the old woman.

“To see the princess tonight.”

“Yes,” said the old woman. “Go!”

With such a speech, and with the princess in the carriage, the prince set out. His carriage was on the outer edge of the courtyard. It appeared to him as if the whole world was hidden within it, and he felt as if he had reached the bottom of the garden without having come to the end. When he arrived at the Princess’s door he found the Princess sitting on the floor of the carriage.

She was holding in her face a small box, and her long green eyes looked as if they could see nothing. When the prince touched her face he felt a strange pressure which was not cold, but warm and welcoming, and he heard the Princess’s voice saying: “Prince! It is so good that you have come. The time has come, and we have gone far away, but yet we are the same! When you have asked me all the questions, when you have told me the answers to my questions, when you have given us your promise, then now can I come and sit on the horse-back in front of you. When you told me about your father, I thought you would never dare to make a promise to me, and that your father would never let you do this. However

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