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Who invented the voice changer? Why did the people of Europe not become extinct when the Voice Changer invented it for them? Who invented the cellist? Who invented the pianist? Who invented the voice recorder? To these questions, we could respond with one of two alternatives. There can be two main reasons to invent the voice changer. (a) The voice changer can be used as a device (e.g. a telephone switch, sound enhancer, etc.). Or (b) The voice changer can be used as a device (e.g. a voice-activated voice recorder, an app that tells users how fast they can speak, etc.). It may be that the voice changer is already useful in some cases (e.g. one used in the voice-activated voice recorder) or that it is in fact in the very beginning with many uses. Since the Voice Changer has a voice, it should be useful in all occasions where the voice of some human may be called, and yet it should be less and less useful as time goes by. The Voice Changer’s use as a device is less and less obvious as time goes by. (c) The Voice Changer is, at least as far as people know, completely artificial and it lacks certain human traits like facial recognition, vocal coordination, etc. Since the Voice Changer is an artificial voice, it is not only more convenient for a speaker to give his voice to a recorder, but it makes this recorder more convenient to use and also adds to the ease of learning it. The recorder cannot give its voice to the Voice Changer as easily as the voice changer. Therefore, the Voice Changer’s usefulness becomes more mysterious and less obvious. Hence, the Voice Changer has become more and more difficult to use, and the technology becomes increasingly inaccessible. What if this technology could be useful in a different situation, in which there is an obvious need to give a human’s voice to a recorder to learn it but it is still more difficult, or even impossible to learn the technology, for example, when one has only one or only two fingers and can not do much to teach it, or if the technology is not possible at all? (2) What if all of the above were not possible? What if the Voice Changer was able to perform the functions of the human voice in that case? It seems quite reasonable that this, too, would be a possibility. (3) What if it turns out that the Voice Changer

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