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For a guy who claims to be “a feminist, not feminist,” I must say the most shocking thing I’ve seen a feminist say is that I should be more concerned about the “policing” of the internet and online abuse than I am about the rape of women.

A few examples, from the comments section of my last post:

The feminist in me loves this one, because this is literally what I’ve been told from the very beginning of my writing about this subject: that I am a misogynist who doesn’t know better than anyone else how terrible it is for women to be under violent assault, and that I should do more to stop it.

This is what I wrote for The Huffington Post

“If you know me on the internet or at any other public place, you know I am not a homophobe.
What Would Spicoli Do? - Hoodie – m00nshot

I’m sure you know some of my friends, but I think you may have overlooked one: I’m also not a misogynist, as some feminists are implying.

I wrote about how I get harassed on Twitter. You probably know my story. I wrote about how I got told that I was a rape apologist because of a tweet I sent out in response to the story of the woman who was assaulted, which was made to look “invalid” when anyone who looked closely could see that she was being assaulted.

I wrote about how, after I wrote about how I got a lot of emails from people saying that I should do more to address the rape culture on the internet because I talked about abuse (not the other way around,” but I did talk about how men in other countries are raping women, so), then I got a lot of Twitter trolls who were saying awful things.

And you know what? It didn’t bother me. I get to talk to my friends, and they don’t freak out when they’ve been bullied online because someone on the internet called them a whore. Or an asshole. Or a bitch.

No, I get to talk about how I feel about sexual assault and other forms of assault every day, and I get told that these are bad, that I deserve to be harassed and bullied, and for them see me as a “pig, pig, pig” and “traitor” who doesn

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