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The female ventriloquist was a common female in many cultures that lived, or had lived on or near the coast of the United States before the 17th century, and continues to be a common male today. Most of the historical evidence for the ventriloquist is lost to us. But the two surviving examples remain, and they are pretty similar.

In both, the female performs her role as the “dummy” in the background, giving the audience a “coupling” and thus a chance to enjoy the “act.” In both, the “act” is a romp, where the audience is asked to pretend to talk to the “dummy.” Both male ventriloquists are not professional “dummies.” They are professional comedians with an understanding of what the audience will find appealing and entertaining, which can be a bit on the dry side.

This is not to say that ventriloquists are not very intelligent in their performances. They can be quite funny. Often, it is the audience’s lack of technical skills (and/or social ineptitude) which leads the ventriloquist to go into a rambling ramble and not really connect with the audience.
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The basic ventriloquist method is the same as that of the regular “dummies,” except that the woman’s role will almost always be that of a mother, and most often her role is being the “best mama you’ve ever met.”

Who was the female ventriloquist?

The ventriloquist was first recorded in the mid-17th century in England as “The Maid of the Bay,” who performed at the Royal Court, or as a lady in her place, in a scene from Shakespeare’s King Henry IV. The “dummy” from the scene is played at the end. She has a role similar to the usual female ventriloquist, who has her dummies. The “dummies” in the scene include a “grandmother” (who is not real), a “little old lady” with an “angel’s hand” (not real), a man wearing a “white cap” and a “brown hat” (not real) and other “maidens” and “maiden-like” persons who often speak like their roles in other plays.

The ventriloquist and the female ventriloquist are probably the first characters to be identified as having a relationship to one another, either in

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