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Here’s a look at what our panel of comedians has been paid for their performance over the years.

In 2005, the highest paid ventriloquist was Jimmy Stewart, who was paid $6.5 million for ventriloquism in just one month. However, that may not be all of Stewart’s work for a few years in a row, as he was paid more than $7 million for “Monty Python” from 1998 to 2000. In fact, Stewart is paid more for “Monty Python” than any other performer ever.

It is clear that these celebrity performers are getting paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year more to make their act more memorable. But who makes the most money to perform?

A 2010 study by the Wall Street Journal found that the “highest paid comedians are largely confined to the coasts. At the Los Angeles Bowl last year, six of the 15 highest-paid comedians were from New York — including the headliner, John Hodgman, a former member of the L.A. Philharmonic.”

“The top 5 New Yorkers made between $500,000 and $1 million,” the NY Times reported. “The two men in their 20s, Richard Kind and Richard Lewis, earned more than $500,000 apiece.” Kind was part of the group, “The Wrecking Crew,” that is often seen performing on Wall Street (although he has also performed in New York).

In 2012, the “Daily Show” ended season 6 with the highest paid personality, Jon Stewart, making $10 million for a second season of the show. However, Stewart never officially announced that he was leaving the program, and he’s still performing in front of his audience as the host. In 2013, one of America’s most respected show business journalists, Jon Turpan of the New York Times published an article on Stewart that showed that he makes the most in the world for his work at the New York Comedy Festival and the New York Daily Show (both of which are “not-for-profit”). His yearly pay was over $10 million.

“His three-day residency in New York, which takes advantage of an unusual arrangement with the City for a free venue for comedians, also counts as a full-time gig,” Turpan reported. “He has also been paid for speaking engagements around the world.”

In a very recent article covering an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” it mentioned that actor Alec Baldwin still earned the most

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