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That’s a hard call, but the man known as Donald Trump certainly qualifies.

The self-proclaimed billionaire is the president of America.

He was born in June 1946. And he loves playing the roles.

‘I think [Trump] probably has the most impressive performance when he has his little boy, which is a typical part, because they love him, and they understand how much he loves them,’ said John Schmitz, a renowned ventriloquist, performer and author.

‘When you work for Donald Trump, you have to do that part as one of the kids,’ Schmitz added.
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DUBAI (Reuters) – Four people were killed and 30 others injured in protests on Saturday in which residents of four neighborhoods in the Iranian capital, Tehran, demonstrated against what they called police violence and high prices of power.

The demonstrations were part of a wave of anger in Iran as prices for basic consumer items surged in recent weeks. Electricity went out for almost a third of the city on Sunday, making it harder to find places where to stay when the sun finally came up.

“You all have to give up this way of living – you are all the same, you all can’t be like these people,” a mother told Reuters news agency by phone.

At least 10 of the dead, most of them women and children, had been shot during protests in the southern district of Ashtashan on Friday that also involved young men in police uniforms. Authorities say the police fired back in self-defence.

Saturday’s demonstrations were the largest since a wave of mass protests against inflation in September. Hundreds of mostly young supporters – some from the opposition Green Movement – and activists from reformist and religious parties are seen as crucial allies to any political deal.

More moderate and conservative groups, however, remain vociferously opposed to any agreement with the United States and other powers aimed at loosening some of the harshest restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

The government in Tehran said on Sunday it was stepping up measures against the protests.

“Those who disrupt peaceful life and use threats and violence against other citizens would not be spared from sanctions,” President Hassan Rouhani said at a televised address hours after his government summoned the heads of a number of powerful Islamic organizations to discuss possible legal and security actions against protesters on Saturday.

“The authorities are determined to curb and suppress any act aimed at harming public order,” he said.


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