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Art can teach a lot. It can inspire people to think critically and creatively, and it provides a foundation for those new to art, so they might be able to think for themselves, have more fun, and pursue more passions. It can teach how to communicate meaning and emotions, how to make beautiful designs, how to think, and to understand what makes people happy and satisfied with their lives.

Do you think there is a point in being too artsy?

Art students may well get bored in art school. But what they discover in art school is a way to really express themselves: to create something unique that the rest of us can only dream of making. They also learn how to create relationships with others in this field and become stronger and wiser as they mature. Art education isn’t always a waste of time, and it is often part of an important step in their life.

What types of classes do you recommend for art students to pursue?

Many of the art classes offered at colleges and universities are really good for the students in them. But some art classes, just like many of the classes at art colleges, are just not appropriate for every single student.

For instance, many art courses are designed for students who are very talented at drawing. But many students don’t have any artistic talent whatsoever, and therefore just don’t know how to draw. If the art class is designed with these students in mind, they will see the class as an extremely interesting and stimulating experience. But if they are a bit confused or don’t get on with other students, or just get bored and quit the class (which is what happens to many students), the class won’t be useful for them. But it’s important to get these students to show up. So if you want the best out of a student it’s important to get them to understand that art classes are not supposed to be easy.

If you’re interested in becoming an artist, there are many other art classes available at colleges and universities, such as fashion design, photography, urban planning, music, and theater.

How do you teach art?

I would never send a class in a gallery to students who weren’t already well acquainted with the subject. There is a long history of art class teaching at art colleges. I have seen students get so excited and frustrated because they were told something was going to be so amazing that, “You know, you’ve already gone to one class before in art class and it’s been

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