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Well, when the first movie was released on VHS in 1993, you know that the idea of a band in a band in a club became very popular. In our case, we would tour, perform, and then the concept of a band would emerge. The idea of a band in a band of another group came about after we had already performed for three months… The first album [The Dark Side of the Moon] came out in the studio. As there were two of us performing, we felt we were an ensemble. That’s why, in the studio, we decided to come up with a name… We wanted to call our band Pink Floyd…

When Pink Floyd’s manager was in the studio we started to play the Pink Floyd album and we decided we didn’t like the title, but the song is called ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ and we decided, I can’t stop you from singing it… We came up with the name Pink Floyd at that time! The idea to be a band in a band became popular once we were performing on the same stage… We also wanted to do a live album to promote the concept. So, we decided to use the same title as our first album in 1992, as well as the name of the first song [You Can’t Always Get What You Want] and the name of the second song [Shine On You Crazy Diamond]… It took a long time to get the album and as well as that, it was a difficult process to record. There were a lot of sessions, a lot of people came for work and everything turned out good.

Why did I ask about Pink Floyd’s albums?

Because I wanted to know more about how the band got together. As I’m sure you know by now, the first two Pink Floyd albums were recorded by John Frusciante himself… He was the first one to record for us… I wanted to know how John Frusciante became the first and only musician to do a studio album for us.

John Frusciante is the most famous live guitarist in the world…

I was really confused. Then, when I saw the artwork with the black screen in the background… I realized that the album cover was the first image that came to my mind, so I asked myself how that happened. This happens a lot when you meet a lot of people… When I listened the first song [Another One Bites the Dust] I felt the feeling of an album

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