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No, I’d say they’re just better at using your brain to express your creativity.

This may seem extreme, but you might think musicians are the most creative of all when it comes to creating and expressing song ideas. I think that they have the best creative brain.

I think the difference is less about their brain than about their ability to express that creativity using their body.

In the case of the musicians, their brains need to make their thoughts more effective through the music.

Also, musicians are less likely to be influenced by visual stimulation during inspiration and song writing.

Why’s that?
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I used to think this as part of the music industry marketing strategy of ‘the best musician is always the one who controls the flow of inspiration.

But lately I’ve discovered it’s not just about control at all. It’s about control and getting the most out of their time on these days when they can’t have visual input from the outside.

This means they have to take their mind in ways that can be more visually engaging rather than more ‘physical’.

When you think about it, there are certain things that musicians are good at – even when they don’t make any money from it – and these things allow them to make more music than anyone else.

This is why it’s so important for people from other art fields to try and learn from them.

And, it may sound crazy to many of you, but I think this is what makes musicians who are able to take their minds in new ways in a day, not only better musicians but also better artists.

What do artists learn from you?

I’ll be honest.

I’ve already read a ton of books and articles on how musicians develop their artistic ability. I’ve seen tons of videos and books that talk about how you need to be inspired.

Many of you will read some of their things and see them as advice that makes sense. It may not make sense to you but what I learned from them was very useful.

The first thing that I noticed was that many of these ‘artist strategies’ did not necessarily work for me. Some of them may have worked for some people, but to me, they didn’t make sense.

So, I wondered myself if maybe I shouldn’t try them all.

But instead, I decided to see if there was a way I could make it work for me without feeling stupid or self-

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