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If it’s the same job everyone does, it doesn’t count

No one can go to art school and be good at drawing

The latest poll from the Pew Research Center finds just a single state is home to a majority of Republican voters opposed to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal (40%).

That brings the Republican opposition to President Obama’s trade agenda to 35 states, a majority of all states.

According to the latest polling from the Pew Research Center, Republicans in the 36 states with a majority or plurality opposed to TPP are evenly divided on the issue, with 46 percent saying that they “approve of the trade deal, as would most voters, and 45 percent saying they oppose it, strongly or somewhat.”

That leaves 22 states where the Republican Party controls both the governorship and the Senate. And a new poll shows that Democratic support for TPP is stronger in 18 states.

The key to Trump’s win, and to the Republican Party’s electoral dominance in the decades to come, will be winning over those voters. There are, at the moment, only two states in all 50 in which the partisan tilt is similar: Maine and Nebraska, where the Democratic-controlled state Congress does not have a Democratic governor.

The latest national poll, however by Marist College, shows Democrat Hillary Clinton with a three-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in Florida, a state where she won in 2008 and 2012 but lost by only 1 points in 2016. That has led some pundits to speculate that, although Trump may be losing the state GOP vote, he may still win the presidency because of the way he’s resonated with non-college-educated whites and with voters in the Rust Belt, a politically conservative region. Clinton’s national lead of 3 points or more is a lot closer than anything Republicans had at the top of the ticket against Obama in 2012.

Pew shows the Democratic Party winning a majority of all voters in five states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and Michigan. They’ll be winning all of those states in the final weeks of the campaign.

Trump’s victory has been driven primarily by the states that he won, the swing states that he needs to win, and by the way he’s resonated with non-college-educated white voters.

There is another reason why the GOP may be losing the white working class, and is likely to lose it in the general election.

Many of those voters – especially the

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