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 This one’s tough.  The drawing is very nice, with a few obvious problems.
I do find it’s fun to play the game as it’s done, but not much else.  I have no idea why people didn’t play it to more than one game per session.  This is a “perfect game” but no one really plays it anymore. My thoughts: The player who draws it is the one who can decide who gets the power to attack.  The other players get to decide who gets to turn their power on.  They can’t tell either player apart.  They’re pretty random in how they’re drawn and who they’re drawn with.  This seems very strange. I like it because it can be turned in to a game that just has one player attacking, which is different to just having an attack die.  I think it could be more fun, but even with just one player attacking it feels quite different from being attacked by all of the players. I would be interested in playing it again.  The rules (which are very simple) allow a lot of creativity.  I think it’s a game for anyone who wants to create something great, and it’s very playable.  There’s certainly something for experienced and inexperienced players, and there’s plenty of room to stretch it out and try new things. It would give me ideas to expand on other game systems with the power of 3D.

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New York mayor’s campaign says he cannot ‘stand up to Trump’ and wants the city to be a free-speech zone following Trump speech

Donald Trump will not be permitted to address the city’s Muslim community at his inauguration on Friday, a surprise decision that will put his campaign in an uncomfortable place.

After a series of unannounced rallies that drew more than 10,000 counter protesters for a third day, New York mayor Mike Bloomberg announced late on Saturday – less than an hour before Trump’s planned event – that he was banning Trump from speaking to the New York City Muslim community for his first inauguration.

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“For the duration of his campaign for president, Mr Trump’s remarks on Muslims have been divisive, false and without merit”, wrote Bloomberg, the largest private American donor and one of Trump’s biggest backers.

“While I understand the right of

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