Can anyone be good at drawing? – Online Art Lessons Painting

No. That’s not true. The best thing I can do is be good at music. I want to be in the best band of the year. One day I want to be in the band in the best band of my career. It’s just something I want to do.

Who would you be a good mate of and who is your hero?

Lena was a real good friend. She was really nice to me, a lot of fun. Even when she’s not with me, she is always very nice to me. I like a lot of actors, in my opinion. It’s not like some guys say: ‘He’s really ugly!’ It’s not like that.

“I like a lot of actors, in my opinion”

You didn’t have any family as a kid. Did that change anything?

No, not at all. I met with my family before going to L.A.. They are extremely nice people.

What are you thinking about when you see the world?

For the most part I am a little depressed by what I see. I feel hopeless. I feel like I can’t give them anything. But there are still some good moments. I like talking. We talked a lot about art for me.

You do love acting and performing. Do you want to continue to do it?

I’m trying to. I have a chance if it was an audition for an acting school. We auditioned and they were very surprised by who I was as a person. They didn’t know who I was from my work outside of theater. So maybe I would do it again. I also love to watch movies. I enjoy all kinds of films.

Do you write about something you’re actually having something with?

I write about what’s happening in my life with the people I’m with. I write about what to do when they leave me and what to do when I miss them. That is what I spend a lot of time thinking about… what’s my life like? It’s just a hobby or something I enjoy with people I like.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done in a hotel room?

For a long time, sleeping in a hotel on a weekday. That’s always a big vacation. Last weekend we went for a ski vacation. I’ve spent so much time doing that. I always do it while I am watching tv. I like to watch some movies and

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