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I am very very good at drawing. I would say that when I’m in a session, I would say the second half of the session has to be the hardest because the character’s not really the main focus of the session. You don’t really want to take too much time because you might make the character a bit bland. But I like to be very specific.

How might a DM approach this? I like to put the character in the position of making decisions for their characters to make, and then let them do those on their own terms.

In a surprise move, the Supreme Court on Wednesday set aside the verdict of the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh high court and struck down the ‘anti-trials’ law with immediate effect.

The apex court made this judgment on the plea of the Centre, which sought to have the anti-trials law struck down with immediate effect. This court had earlier ruled the Delhi HC anti-trials law to be an unconstitutional interference in the jurisdiction of the State, and had directed the Centre not to enact any anti-trials law without the assent of a parliamentary panel.

However, the Centre has appealed against the high court judgement and sought a fresh date for final hearing at the court level.

“The anti-trials law operates on the theory that it is the duty of the State to secure justice to its citizens, and not on the basis of a single complaint or allegation. It infringes the right to life, liberty and security of the person by placing upon the accused, his trial and consequent conviction in a non-secular environment,” said Supreme Court Justice Ranjan Gogoi in his order passed on Wednesday.

The Centre was represented for the brief by advocate Prashant Bhushan, while the state of Gujarat and Karnataka represented its side. In his order, Gogoi further said the constitution of an ad hoc inquiry mechanism to inquire into the complaints of false accusation, in certain limited circumstances also, is not the best way of dealing with the menace of false conviction. The court said the petitioner must make the procedure of questioning a person on his evidence public and available online prior to the commencement of the course.

The Centre submitted that the apex court’s order will help in expediting the proceedings and the complainant who has filed a complaint under the law to initiate a trial will have an easier time in the criminal court where witnesses will be available to prove their innocence.

“While the provisions of section

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