Can I learn drawing online? – Best Online Art Courses For Beginners

Yes, you can learn drawing online. Our course is free and covers the essential concepts, techniques and tools you need to start drawing.

How do I start drawing?

With our online course you will build your first drawing, in just a few hours, it’s free.

What do I need?

Your pencils and paint brush.

Can I use computers while making drawings?

Yes, no problem. We use the Windows version to learn drawing online.

How do I complete a drawing?

In the beginning of your lesson you will make a simple drawing. During the lesson it will be necessary to draw more complex drawings or, you can select them at anytime from the lesson page.

When am I ready to make a drawing?

In the beginning of our lesson students will learn how to draw the basic shapes, strokes and lines. Then they will use these skills to build their own drawings on a digital canvas. At the end of their lessons they will learn how to draw and paint the finished piece. You can start a lesson as soon as you are satisfied with your drawing. You can change the speed or the time of the drawing you want to make based on your experience level. We offer a wide variety of drawing tools, from sketching with pencil and white point eraser, all the way to computer painting, which can then be exported.

My drawing is too small!

If your sketch is already small, just turn the size up and your drawing will be bigger in size.

Can I copy my sketch on your drawings?

Yes, you can. Just select the sketch and copy it to your computer screen.

How long can I create my sketches/paints?

In our lesson you draw your piece as many times as your drawing experience allows. This will teach you the fundamentals of the drawing as well as the tools you need to make a nice one-time sketch. You can stop the lesson after you have finished drawing your last drawing.

Do I need an instructor?

The course is completely interactive through the lessons. You can ask the instructor anything you want. The course is based on the best drawing techniques and tools that will aid you in your personal journey. All you need is your interest, a good imagination and some time to explore the tools and concepts taught. For an expert in one skill, the course will not only be beneficial, it will be fun and fulfilling.


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