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I am not very good yet, but I have read tons of books (and books on the internet), and I have a lot of practice I want to use for my next model or figure. Check out my library and join my Facebook Group, My current gallery is here:

Do you have a commission for another figure?

I do all my own sculpting commissions for both figures (I am not currently doing any figure commissions though). If you are interested I can send you a sketch and you can get some feedback on it. (This will be done by email so it will be a different email from your account in the studio).

I have a question about a figure or an action figure that has been done… How do I talk to my clients or artists about the work?

I can be reached at: I have done this on a one-on-one basis for the past two years when I have had the time so if you prefer you can also reach me via my Facebook and Artstation profiles.

If you prefer, please email me before you come and give me a chance to explain things and you can tell me in person if you would be interested in doing something.

From Wowpedia

Warden’s Watch in Stormwind.

The Watch is a group of Stormwind citizens, led by Warden Vereesa Windrunner, tasked with fighting to keep the peace in the Kingdom of Azeroth and maintain peace and order throughout the land.[1] They are headquartered in the Watchtower for much of Stormwind’s interior; however, there are reports of patrols, patrols, patrols in the Outlands, and patrols in the Emerald Dream and Darkmoon Faire.[2]

The Warden’s Watch is the successor of the Watch of Valor, a small unit of vigilant soldiers deployed during the Horde invasion of Stormwind that were subsequently betrayed by their superior officers and the rest of the elite forces of the Stormwind Defense Force by King Varian Wrynn, who had been forced to disband the elite unit.[3] The second largest organization of Stormwind’s citizens is the Guardians of the Keep, who are a group of the most loyal Stormwind citizens, loyal to King Varian Wrynn and his successors.[3

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